Find Out More About the Highest Paying Jobs of 2019

Find Out More About the Highest Paying Jobs of 2019

Find Out More About the Highest Paying Jobs of 2019

Choosing your favorite subjects is easy, but the same is not with choosing a career option, especially when you wish to earn well, which I feel we all do.

Data is going to rule the market! Now that is the latest buzz, and I am sure by now you all too would have known about how much companies are eyeing on a fresher who has studied AI. However, as students even when we have chosen the right subjects it becomes difficult to decide which profile will be best suited to try.

That been said, to help you have a better vision, here is a list of jobs that are deemed as the top paying portfolios as of 2019

Data Scientist: If you are keen on developing tools or can identify patterns, or have a knack to research and make sense of massive sets of data then consider one of the most in-demand jobs of the era – a data scientist’s job. In fact, LinkedIn’s Most Promising Report 2018 too reported a 45% year after year growth in demand for this profile. The job requirements are statistics, algorithms-based maths, and fluency in programming languages like Python.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification Holders: The other highly demanding profile, especially in the technical sector, is this. Getting the AWS certification will open multiple pathways with some awesome opportunities, tagged along with much better salary options. For example, right from solutions architect to SysOps Administrator, there are numerous options to choose from.

Data Analyst: A Data Scientist makes the tools, and a Data Analyst utilizes them to analyze and interpret data and draw insights as per the information. A data analyst is the one who provides ample information based on which management takes crucial decisions. You should also know that this is one profile that is highly demanded by every industry, as all of them are incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and tools driven by big-data to collect information that will help them to understand what their consumers want or need.

Digital Marketing Manager: As digital transformation is deemed as the tool to success by almost every business, the role of a digital marketing manager is becoming more and more important. A digital marketing manager is the one who plays an important role in enhancing a business’s brand awareness within the digital space, they also work towards driving the website traffic and play a key role in acquiring leads or winning customer for the business.


A job is not only about earning money but also about satisfaction. As fresher, you might think that job satisfaction is only related to earning well, but there are a number of other factors that play an important role, and one of them is being able to contribute to the business that you are working for. Having a job that is in demand gives you an edge over the others when it comes to growth and promotions.