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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Department provides a full-time Post Graduate MBA program affiliated with Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, (JNTUA), Anantapur, governed by AICTE.The MBA programme has started in the year 2023 with excellent infrastructure and an environment that is conducive for learning. It has been a hub of innovative activities and is constantly on the lookout for the opportunities to collaborate with the industry as well as the educational institutions around the globe. It takes pride in its professional and highly qualified faculty, modern infrastructure, technology and resources – be it in the fields of Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance and Systems. In 2023, the Department obtained UGC-Autonomous Status and has since been effectively conducting the Management program with an intake of 120 students. The College Academic Council, Board of Studies of the department strives to provide quality education and the most advanced curriculum and syllabus to make the students industry ready and excel in the modern business world.

  • Vision & Mission
  • PEO's and PO's
  • HOD Profile
  • Faculty List
  • Student Achievements
  • Faculty Achievements
  • Departments Events
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Vision & Mission


To be a nationally conspicuous and globally recognized department in academics and research activities with the objective of developing competitive professionals to serve the society and ever dramatic change in the industry.


  • M1: Our aim is to offer skill enhancement education that guarantees the acquisition of the appropriate competencies and intellectual capacities to confront a multitude of challenges within the global landscape.
  • M2: We strive to instill in our students the values of commitment, punctuality, positive attitude, and discipline, which embody authentic managerial behavior.
  • M3: To offer industry-relevant education that provides specialized knowledge in specific functions.
  • M4: To develop leadership and entrepreneurial behavior which can bring out innovative solutions.



    After completion of their programme students will be able:
  1. PEO1: The program aims to provide students with a solid understanding of management principles and their practical application in addressing business challenges.
  2. PEO2: The program aims to ready students with essential professional skills for both employment and lifelong learning in management.
  3. PEO3: The program fosters in students both quantitative and qualitative skills to showcase competencies in communication, planning, organization, decision-making, and team-based managerial challenges.
  4. PEO4: The program aims to instill an entrepreneurial mindset and competitive capabilities while reflecting on evolving environmental demands.
  5. PEO5: The program aims to graduate students who are ready for the industry, embodying personal integrity, driven by values, and committed to social responsibility.


    After completion of their programme students will be able:
  1. PEO1: Management Knowledge: Apply knowledge of Management Theories and practices to solve Business Problems.
  2. PEO2: Critical Thinking: Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
  3. PEO3: Value Based Leadership: Ability to develop value-based leadership.
  4. PEO4: Communication and ethics: Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of Business.
  5. PEO5: Multidisciplinary Environment: Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.
  6. PEO6: Entrepreneurship: Ability to evaluate best entrepreneurial opportunities and manage startups in the present Business World.
  7. PEO7: Social Responsiveness: Apply ethical principles and understand the impact of the professional management solutions in societal and environmental contexts.
  8. PEO8: LifeLong Learning: Ability to engage in independent and life – long learning in the context of managing unpredictable societal and global issues.

HOD Profile

Dr. G. Ramanjaneyulu, MBA.,M.Com.,Ph.DHOD

Dr. G. Ramanjaneyulu, MBA.,M.Com.,Ph.D
Associate Professor and HoD
Department of Master of Business Administration
Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences
KADAPA – 516003, Andhra Pradesh
+91-93919 89091

faculty list

Faculty List

S.No Name Designation Qualification AICTE_ID Date of Joining
1 Dr. G.Ramanjaneyulu Associate Professor & H.O.D MBA.,M.Com.,Ph.D 1-9317248181 18-10-2023
2 T. Kiranmayi Assistant Professor MBA,(Ph.D) 1-483155901 04-10-2023
3 A. Nagaveni Assistant Professor MBA 1-2683079366 04-10-2023
4 Y.SivaJyothi Assistant Professor MBA 1-43741980949 03-11-2023
5 S.ReddySekhar Assistant Professor MBA 1-43745973131 03-11-2023
6 S.Sandeep Assistant Professor MBA 1-43741981131 03-11-2023

Consultancy Works

Consultancy Works

S.No Area or Nature of Consultancy Work Name of Client/Industry/Organization Progress of Work
1. Insitu density of GSB Thriveni earth movers Completed
2. Ground and municipal water quality parameters A.R. Enterprises Completed
3. Insitu density of soil Thriveni earth movers Completed
4. Compressive strength of cube Ultratech kadapa Completed
5. Compressive strength of concrete cube G.R.Construction, Railway Kodur. Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh Completed
6. Mix design of M30 grade concrete and testing by ACT and normal curing method for bridge foundation work. G.R.Construction, Railway Kodur. Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh Completed
7. Testing of soil by CBR method. Ikon villas ,Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh Completed
8. Testing on Concrete cubes G.R.Construction, Railway Kodur. Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh Completed
9. Testing on Concrete cubes DSR Function Hall, Palempalli Village Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh Completed

Consultancy Services

The college offers consultancy services in various engineering fields by experienced and well qualified faculty. These include testing of engineering materials and advices in various projects. All the laboratories are well equipped with modern equipment which are calibrated every year. The equipment / machinery are modernized and upgraded to meet the requirements and needs of the outside industry/organization.

A. Test on Concrete Sample
1. Mix design & compressive Strength of concrete
2. Split Tensile Test
3. Flexure Strength Test
4. Workability of Concrete Mix for each type with/without plasticizer
a) Slump Test
b) Compaction Factor Test
c) Vee- Bee Consistometer Test
5. Accelerated Curing Strength ( Set of 3 cubes)

B. Test on Cement Sample
1. Compressive Strength of cement
2. Consistency of Cement
3. Setting Time of Cement (Initial & Final)
4. Fineness of Cement
5. Soundness of Cement
6. Specific Gravity of Cement

C. Test on Coarse Aggregate
1. Sieve Analysis
2. Specific Gravity
3. Water Absorption
4. Bulk Density

D. Test on Fine Aggregate
1. Sieve Analysis
2. Specific Gravity
3. Water Absorption
4. Bulk Density
5. Bulking of sand
6. Silt Content

E. Test on Bricks sample
1. Sieve Analysis
2. Specific Gravity
3. Water Absorption
4. Bulk Density
5. Bulking of sand
6. Silt Content

Natural Moisture Content Bulk Density of Soil Dry Density of Soil Specific Gravity of Soil
Sieve Analysis (Dry) Hydrometer Analysis Atterberg’s Limit (L.L ,P.L ,P.I ,Flow Curve) Shrinkage Limit
Free Swell Index a) Standard Proctor’s Compaction Test
b) Modified Proctor’s Test
Field Dry Density (Core Cutter Method) Field Dry Density (Sand Replacement Method)
California Bearing Ratio Test (Unsoaked) California Bearing Ratio Test (Soaked) Permeability Test on Remoulded Samples Direct Shear Box Test
Unconfined Compression Test
Crushing Value Abrasion Value (Los-Angeles) Deval’s Attrition Value Impact Value
Shape Test Sieve Analysis & Gradation Penetration Test of Bitumen Ductility Test of Bitumen
Softening Point Test Flash & Fire Point Test

Student Achievements

Student Achievements

S.No Achievements
1 Vijay Kumar, Pavan Kumar and Khaleel Basha (2015-2019 batch) were selected for ILM company during campus placements.
2 Khaderbee and Swetha (2015-2019 batch) got placed in New Locus Drafting Solutions during campus drive on 12th Jan 2019.
3 S.Khaleel Basha was awarded with a cash prize by Ultratech cement company for scoring high in the Concrete Technology subject.
4 J.Premdeep and P.Pavan Kumar were placed in Qspire during campus drive held on 3rd March 2019.
5 Ten students from IV B.Tech department of Master of Business Administration, has selected for the next level of 24 hrs TEKHACK 2018 conducted by JNTUA Pulivendula on 6th and 7th Sep 2018 and received participation certificate.
6 N.Hussain Basha, P.Pavan kumar.P.kesava Dasu nominated for road safety audit survey for NH65 & successfully submitted the Road safety audit report to Transport department Andhra Pradesh. The work is carried out under the guidance of N.Avinash Kumar Reddy & Dr.P.srichandana.
7 S.Khaleel Basha has been selected for the District level Technical Festival 2K18 for making a model on Lotus Leaf Surface like Cement Surface-A Sustainable Solution under the guidance of N.Avinash Kumar Reddy.
8 K.Manoj and Darshan Reddy IV B.Tech of civil has been awarded a cash prize by Ultratech Cement Company for getting the highest score in concrete technology subject in JNTUA examinations.
9 B.Sai charan and D.Samara Simha Reddy has been selected for the District level Technical Festival 2K18 for making a model on Pervious Concrete Pavement under the guidance of V.Lakshmi prasanna.
10 S.Johnson Premdeep, M.Praveen Kumar Reddy,M.Subhash,G.Venkata shiva,J.Venkata sai Praneeth has been selected for the District level Technical Festival 2K18 for making a model on Earth Quake Resistant Building under the guidance of G.Bhagyamma.
11 S.Khaleel Basha has been selected for the District level Technical Festival 2K18 for making a model on Lotus Leaf Surface like Cement Surface-A Sustainable Solution under the guidance of N.Avinash Kumar Reddy
12 K.Sai charan from IV B.Tech civil selected for internship for a period of 18-12-2017 to 17-05-2018 at Amara Raja Infrastructures private limited.
13 B.Sravani and P.Naga Lakshmi Devi, M.Tech students received prathibha awards for the year 2016-17 in Structural Engineering specialisation.
14 I.Sreekanth (11HM1A0124) pursuing M.S in Master of Business Administration in the University of Bologna, Italy.
15 S.Md. Hayath Basha achieved Silver Medal in Mr. Kadapa body building competitions held at Kalakshetram on Feb 10th 2016.
16 2nd National Level Volley ball tournament runners (K. Jagadeesh and team) in R.G.M. Nandyal 19/02/2016-21/02/2016.
17 T.Kapil (12HM1A0121) got first prize in VIRAJE 2K16 for paper presentation at SVR Engg college Nandyal.
18 T.Kapil got third prize in paper presentation and second prize in technical quiz in YOGITECH 2K16 at Y.S.R. engineering college Proddutur.
19 NDT tests on Vontimitta and Nandalur Temple was conducted in association with IIT Chennai to check the stability of the structure by M.Tech students of 2013-15 batch.
20 Biomedical waste management project in Endocare, and Pinnamaneni Siddhartha hospitals was carried out by B.Tech students of 2011-15 batch.
21 3-D AUTO CAD drawings of Vontimitta, Nandalur, and Gandikota Madhavaraya Temples were prepared after a systematic survey with due permission from ASI of 2011-15 batch B.Tech students.
22 B.Tech students (2010-2014) participated and submitted traffic data of major hotspots of Kadapa to regional transport office, Kadapa.

Faculty Achievements

Faculty Achievements

S.No Achievements
1 Dr.P.Sri Chandana has been recognized as OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION IN REVIWING by the Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering an Elsevier Journal.
2 N.Avinash Kumar Reddy certified as Elite person in Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures (12 Week online course) from IIT Kharagpur from NPTEL online course during July-Dec 2018.(certificate is e-verifiable).
3 N.Avinash Kumar Reddy certified and successfully completed NPTEL online course in Advanced Concrete Technology (12 Week online course) from IIT Madras during July-Dec 2018. (Certificate is e-verifiable).
4 Valikala Lakshmi Prasanna certified and successfully completed NPTEL online course in Advanced Concrete Technology (12 Week online course) from IIT Madras during July-Dec 2018. (Certificate is e-verifiable).
5 N.Avinash Kumar Reddy Awarded International Young Scientist Award under the guidance of Dr.P.Sri Chandana for giving best poster and oral presentation on “Comparison of Self-Cleaning Efficiency of Fresh and Hardened Cement Mortar Surfaces Coated With Titanium Dioxide under Natural Sunlight” in 4th International Young Scientist Congress (IYSC-2018) organized by the International Science Community Association (ISCA) in Collaboration with Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati on 8th and 9th may 2018.
6 Visiting Professor at Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering (GIEE) of National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei, Taiwan from July-September (3 months period).

Departments Events

S.No National Technical Fest Jury for Technical Fest Seminar
1. SAMSLESHANA 2K19 Dr. P.Sri Chandana (Professor, AITS, Kadapa)
2. District level Technical Festival 2K18 Dr.R.V.Sudharshan Reddy (Professor & Principal SRIT College Proddutur,Kadapa)
Dr.P.Sri Chandana (Professor, AITS, Kadapa)
3. SAMSLESHANA 2K17 Dr.P.Sri Chandana (Professor, AITS, Kadapa)
4. SAMSLESHANA 2K16 Dr.Y.Sree Ramulu (Professor, AITS, Rajampeta, Kadapa)
5. SAMSLESHANA 2K15 Dr.N.Muni Lakshmi(Assistant Professor, SVUCE, SVU. Tirupathi)
6. SAMSLESHANA 2K14 Dr.S.Rajasekhar (Professor & Principal,SEAT, Tirupathi
S.No Guest Speaker Topic
1. Sri. K.Venkatraman (Regional Head Technical Services, Bijayawada, Ultratech Cement Pvt. Ltd) “Concrete Technology and site related issues” on 30th January 2019
2. Er.Sri.C.Prathap (Executive Engineer.T.G.P, Kadapa) “Nature for water” on 22nd March 2018
3. Er.Sri.M.Maruthi Mohan Reddy (Assistant Executive Engineer, Irrigation dept. Kadapa) “Scope for Academic-Industry Relationship in A.P-Regarding Water Resources Engineering” on 11 October 2017.
4. Dr.S.T.G.Raghukanth, (Associate Professor, Structural Engg. Division, IIT Madras, Department of Civil Enginnering) “Earth Quake Engineering” on 3rd February 2017.
5. Er.Sri.C.Prathap (Executive Engineer.T.G.P, Kadapa) “Water Resources in Y.S.R.Kadapa” on 23 August 2016
6. Dr.B.Nageswara Rao, (Professor, Structural Engg. Division, IIT Madras, Department of Civil Enginnering) “Concepts in Master of Business Administration” on 29 January 2016
S.No Date Occasion Event Participants
1 22.03.2019 World Water Day Awareness On Water Resources at S.V high School, Bayanapalli, Kadapa High school students- Elocution and Drawing competition



List of Laboratories