7 ground-breaking Engineering innovations that are creating an impact like never before

7 ground-breaking Engineering innovations that are creating an impact like never before

7 ground-breaking Engineering innovations that are creating an impact like never before

Since the fourth industrial revolution, modern technologies are taking over the world for betterment. From digitalization to the growth of the startup ecosystem bringing novel systems, technological innovations are making life easier for everyone. Many companies are undertaking effective tactics with the help of Engineers and Researchers to deploy the planet's finite resources more smartly. While modernized sails are aimed to enhance the shipping industry by diminishing the fuel usage, mechanical trees are going to scrub off the carbon dioxide from the environment. Also, there is the rise of the fake meat that has created quite a stir among the vegans and vegetarians.

Here are some of the best innovations that are already creating an impact like never before -

Fake Meat Burger by Impossible Foods - While meat lovers are always boasting off the ecstatic flavours, non-vegetarians often miss out on it. The iron-containing bit of haemoglobin called the Heme gives the meaty flavour to the meat. One of the California-based companies has produced yeast cells that manufacture a large amount of this heme. Their plant-based meat has been welcomed by the consumers with open arms. With potato, soy, coconut and sunflower oil as the basic ingredients, it has iron and protein, which makes it healthy and the taste is similar to a real burger.

Disney's Galaxy's Edge themed park Disneyland is one of the most loved places in the entire Earth. From kids to adults, people love the entire look and feel of the park. Recently, the makers have introduced the built-from-scratch planet of Batuu in a 14-acre stretch. From animatronic droids to whizzing lasers, millennium falcon, trackless escape pods and many more, the new theme park envelopes an amalgamation of architecture, technology and a feel beyond reality.

3-D printed food3D printers are one of those technological innovations that have changed the course of life. While the healthcare sector is trying to use this tool to make organs, the food industry is also not behind. Chef Bernard Faucher is known for his 3D printed pasta, cooked at Google headquarters, where the process enables him to adjust temperature and cooking time of the food.

Silicon Kingdom Holding's metal forestArizona State University scientists have designed a forest consisting of 1,200 mechanical trees that have the ability to pull out carbon dioxide from the air than ever before. The trees are made with metal columns (the exact material is not disclosed yet) and use discs of sorbent that can absorb almost 3 times of its weight of carbon dioxide. Silicon Kingdom Holdings has plans for installing the same in California and remove approximately 36,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

First floating wind farm in Hywind ScotlandFive turbines are rotating in the almost 400-foot-deep waters that generate enough power for almost 20,000 homes. This floating wind farm is located off the coast of Scotland and produces clean energy and gives a wonderful ocean view.

Project SVAN It is one of the early steps into the autonomous-driving world. This module uses radar, lasers and computer vision to navigate waters and guide the ship to the destination without being present on the ship. 80 passengers travelled between two islands in the Finnish archipelago on December 3, 2018, using this technology and it was a success.

Producing drinking water from humid air The Earth has been facing a water crisis since some time now. Water-Gen water generators solve this problem as it can transform air humidity into drinking water, where multi-level procedures eliminate impurities and give fresh healthy quality water.

Engineers are bringing on innovations one after the other like the smart autonomous carry-on suitcase, solar balloons, smart rings for payments and identification, floating train tracks, superconductive materials, male chicken eggs and many more. All of these are contributing towards the betterment of the environment as well as the sustainability of the humans.

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